Friday, August 19, 2005

What's New?

Well, photos will likely be taken tomorrow, but the news on Murray Street is the Greens have a new fiddle and a banjo. We have kept the fiddles we currently have, and added another to the cache. The new one is from Prague and was built in 1867. It is very old but beautiful to look at, and the sound is amazing, not to even mention how easy it is to play. We went to check out an ad from Uncle Henry's and met a great couple, Jeff and Marta. They had about 8 fiddles for us to try, we played for a good part of the afternoon on their back porch with them accompanying us with their guitars. Once the fiddle selection had been made, we started talking about banjos and ended up with a really nice early 1900's model that is a step above beginner and should be a good instrument to learn on. Jeff and Marta both play banjo and gave us a nice first lesson. We will be spending a good part of the weekend learning 'Old Joe Clark' on the banjo as well as taking turns playing the new fiddle, affectionately being named 'Dvorak' (that is the maker). A good day all around, full of music, good times, new friends...

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