Saturday, October 29, 2005

Back Together!

Richard has been really busy getting the new clapboards and trim in place after a simple end of summer paint job turned bad! (You may remember we had to unexpectedly replace a rotten sill). We are so happy that we finished the priming and painting, and the little house on Murray Street is finally closed in and ready for the winter. A few more little details to finish up, but the big job is behind us.


Tonya said...

Nice T.E.A.M. work guys!!!!!! Looking great!!! Now, what I'm thinking, is that it's high time that Joleen and I come over to help celebrate your good work! :-)LOL! I like that little manipulative twist I just did. He, he, he!

Justine said...

I COMPLETELY agree with Tonya; after all that hard work you deserve a G&T or at least the great company of US! Your house looks great!