Sunday, December 03, 2006

Shove That Pigs Foot A Little Further Into the Fire

Yes, there really is a fiddle tune by this name, but it doesn't refer to the foot of a pig! A pigs foot is like a fire poker. These are our wood stoves. The Kent (top photo of small black box stove) is in the living room, and sports a glass door to add ambiance to the room. The Tirolia (bottom photo, big white box) is in our kitchen and has a glom of pipes going in and out of it, to heat the hot water. When the top of the stove is raised, it allows a lot of heat to come into the room. I haven't cooked in or on this stove yet, but I do know the oven will heat to 350 degrees... I'll be popping something in there to bake one of these days!
Shove That Pigs Foot... can be found in the Portland Collection, Volume One.

1 comment:

KMR said...

Oooh!! You need to bake some bread in that! Just for the smell :)

We have a soapstone woodstove in the living room with a glass window. I love it.

I would LOVE a woodstove in my kitchen...Lord knows it's so damn cold in there that I need one!!!