Saturday, May 19, 2007

Every Rock in Place

It seems like forever since I've posted anything... this will be a conglomeration of thoughts and updates for those who keep checking in and find NOTHING NEW! Rest assured, we are well... life got quite busy for a little while and working on the computer took a back seat!
I'll try to get you up to speed on what's been happening in this corner of the fiddle world :) The first thing I'd like to say is HOORAY for PEANUT BUTTER. Avery got to visit with us for an extended visit while his mom and dad were involved with A's papa and family. It has been a hard time for them, J's dad died last week. I'm glad we were available and able to take Avery and Max "until further notice". Like most little kids, meals can be a challenge. A loves peanut butter, so it was always the Plan B when the special pasta didn't make the grade!
Dancing and music were put on hold as far as going out, but we did manage to play quite a bit at home. Avery has a love of singing and playing music (has a good rhythm and appreciation for instruments) so it was no problem for me to pick up the fiddle and play through some tunes while he was playing. Quite often he would join me and dance along... at the very least he would look up and smile at me, and move his little shoulders along with the beat of the tune!
We have a collection of assorted rocks... different types and sizes... that we have around the house. Avery likes to collect his own rocks whenever we're outside... and there are lots to choose from along the driveway and in the yard.

After days of playing with the same toys over and over, I happened to notice the box of Legos that have been stored upstairs. There are a lot of little parts & pieces, not appropriate for babies and toddlers. We thought we'd give it a try with Avery, now that he's a little bit older... GOOD MOVE, he loved them! A little frustrated with some of the tiny components, but in general, he had a great time with something a little different. We've packed away some of the "younger" toys now and are transitioning into "older" toys.
It's been a joy to have Avery here, and to experience all of his moods (most of which are fun and well behaved with an occasional two-year-old fit of frustration and exhaustion). He's a very interesting child with lots of love. Max got to stay with us too, he's a big part of A's life... "What Macky doin'?" was a frequent question and "Macky my puppy" was just as frequent a comment during the day.
Richard has gotten to call a couple of dances and we've continued to host the Tuesday night jam session. Last night we ventured out to Brunswick to dance, so we're slowing getting back into our routine. It's funny though, I turn around and get ready to take Avery's hand or pick him up, and he's not there... amazing how quickly we can get used to having a little one around!
Every Rock in Place comes from the Lighthouse Collection.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the two kids for an unplanned, extended visit. I'm glad Avery is comfortable with you. It hurt my feelings a tiny bit and made me smile at the same time... when his first words out of his mouth the next morning were "where my gram go, i want to see gram".