Monday, October 01, 2007

Big George

I started a creative project this evening... two paintings of Curious George driving Kubota tractors! Not an easy task to start, but quite fun once I got them started.
Avery will be moving into a new bedroom soon, as his current room is prepared for a new brother or sister. A's current passion is Kubota tractors, and of course he still loves Curious George... so I decided I could combine the two. One painting is George driving a Kubota through a big garden with a corn field in the background and vegetables in the foreground. The other painting has George driving in a farmyard with lots of animals milling around near the barn. I'm hoping to finish them up tomorrow so they can dry before framing them. I'm planning to deliver them on Thursday when I head up there to spend overnight, so I can help with the painting of the rooms. It'll be fun to have a sleepover, it'll be the first time I've gone up and done that... I'm pretty sure we won't be having any pillow fights though!
For those who are just dying to see these paintings, I'll try taking pictures using my cell phone and then uploading them tomorrow.
Big George is a tune from the Reckless Reel.


Anonymous said...

...or you could use my camera tomorrow! He'll be very excited about his new art work!

Fiddler said...

Using your camera is a definite great idea! I can hardly wait for him to see his new paintings!

MaGreen said...

upload the photos! i'd love to see them.