Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bishop of Bangor

What a beautiful day! The sunshine has warmed our house up to 80 degrees, snow is melting off the roof, and there's a lovely breeze moving the tops of the trees around. It almost has a feel of early spring in the air- ALMOST- we still have plenty of winter ahead of us :) It is nice to have a brief reprieve from snow, ice, sleet, freezing rain and as if any of those weren't enough, the all dreaded forecast of "wintery mix" haha.
Roads were still a bit treacherous early this morning. I drove to Bangor to meet Jen and go to her ultrasound appointment (more on that wonder of technology in just a minute). Vehicles off the road, single lane of traffic, state police cruising north and south... black ice in unexpected places as things started to melt but the air and ground conditions were still cold enough in spots to keep things frozen. I drove cautiously, allowed extra time, and made the trip safe and sound. The trip back was much easier, but caution was still the word of the day.
Now about the ultrasound... I've seen the images of Avery and this new little one, and countless others of friends, but this was my first time actually watching it being done! I got to see BB (Bingo Bongo) breathing, pressing its little face up against the placenta wall, sticking its foot into it's eye... and to see the heart beating! Amazing! I can hardly wait to meet the little one. Avery has had some pretty interesting observations throughout this pregnancy- it's going to be quite an adventure going through the delivery and answering his many questions!
Richard's been working with the mandolin lately and getting really good at it. He's been writing some tunes, which are very nice. We've been playing more music, casually, just picking up the instruments and playing tunes and working on accompaniment with each other. The pace is different this week too, no classes (spring break and NO I'm not going to Myrtle Beach!) so we have a slightly less hectic schedule.
SK came to visit yesterday and we did each other's hair- she got a trim from me, and I got a new short look from her that I love!
That's about it for news here. Bishop of Bangor comes from Twin Fiddling.

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