Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Greasy String

Pretty slick driving conditions out there today... some might even say GREASY. With an underlayer of hard snowpack and ice topped with wet snow and slushy rain, even the main road to Farmington was a bit treacherous this morning- my 35 minute commute took about an hour! I was glad I left early enough to take my time, the bonus being more time listening to the morning news on NPR. Sometimes I'm up early enough to catch the news on television but that means I kind of have to be in an area where the television is located (I don't really want to put a tv where I study or play music) so it doesn't always happen, and it's very rare that I'd sit for an entire newscast. Commuting in the morning and late afternoon offers the opportunity to catch the biggest headlines and some interesting interviews on the radio.
Afternoon classes are cancelled so I have some time to start working on some essays that are due in the next couple of weeks- these are in addition to the regular reading and homework assignments. I love all my classes, and feel like I'm definitely challenged. My favorite right now is Syriana which is a First Year Seminar class. We're using the movie to learn about a lot of issues including oil, the Middle East as a region, US Foreign Policy, religion, culture, business and politics. Class discussions and basic research leave me asking more questions and wishing class didn't end quite so soon. The other classes are great too, and will probably have their turn at being my favorite over the next couple of months.
Greasy String is a cool old-timey tune from the Portland Collection.

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