Saturday, December 10, 2011

Comfort Food

This morning while drinking coffee I noticed three acorn squash in the hanging basket. I asked Bryan, "What are you going to do with those squash?" After a short discussion we decided to make squash soup. Bryan prepared them for roasting and when they came out of the oven 45 minutes later it was my turn in the kitchen.
I scooped out all the flesh, sauteed onions, melted butter and put it all into the crock pot with veggie stock, pepper, and cinnamon. We let it slow cook all afternoon while we hit the streets in downtown Fort Collins for a little holiday shopping. When we got home, I added some cream cheese to the squash mixture and then put it through the food processor.

The final result was a lovely, creamy squash soup that we garnished with bacon crumbles. While we admitted the cream cheese and bacon didn't add any health value, we decided they were probably okay for us since the bulk of the meal was made up of vegetables.

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