Thursday, December 08, 2011

Horsetooth Mountain Open Space

Thursday arrived with blue skies and warm sunshine and, after doing errands with Bryan and the pups, we decided to spend the afternoon at Horsetooth Mountain Open Space hiking up to Horsetooth Rock, just a few miles from downtown Fort Collins. The trails were mostly snow covered, especially on north-facing slopes, with a few sun-drenched areas melted down to bare gravel.

Bryan packed chicken salad & gorgonzola wraps for lunch. There's not much that beats eating trailside in good company. The pups were happy to finish off the last few bites before we resumed our hike to the base of Horsetooth Rock.

Bryan took the day off from work, but the wonders of technology allowed him to check his email and receive a few calls from his office. Years ago it would be impossible to hike up into the mountains and be connected to the rest of the world. I have to admit that given the choice of having him at work or hiking with me, I'd opt for this very acceptable compromise. Erin wasn't as fortunate and had to work all day - we missed her!

Oscar's feet got cold so he got a short ride through the icy, shadowed areas ...

... and Anna got tired so she got her turn at seeing the world from a higher vantage point ..
We had a great day together.

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