Thursday, June 30, 2005

Leave it to Beaver

This was amid the finely built structures. Either a construction project gone bad, or perhaps Jerry Mathers was on the beach supervising beach beavers. Posted by Hello

Raise the Red, White & Blue

Another stick fort on Popham Beach. This one is appropriate for this holiday weekend in celebration of Independence Day. Posted by Hello

Art or Architecture?

On the beach near Fort Popham, Richard and I found a series of structures constructed with washed up wood. They were all shapes and sizes, and progressed quite far down the beach. This is one of them. We couldn't really imagine who would have built these. If there had been one or two it is easy to think some young kids got industrious but I'm not sure they'd have had the perseverence to build so many. Maybe a Boy Scout troop project? Any other ideas? It was fun to walk down the beach and see them all. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Boys on the Side

Greg and Tom take a break from grilling the burgers on the back deck. We sure did have a nice visit with everyone. Fun to meet my 'new' branch of the family. Richard and I feel quite lucky to have so many family members that we get to see as much as we can. Everyone is busy these days with jobs, children, homes, chores, trying to relax and have vacations. We really appreciate the time we do have to spend together. Posted by Hello

A Meeting of the Minds

Here we see Lisa, Kathy and Richard comfortably seated on the back porch at Greg and Lisa's house in Chesterfield. I wonder if they're discussing the possibility of having another Margarita or if they are engaged in some sort of family pow-wow. Greg and Lisa really have a beautiful place here, lots of room for the boys, and my favorite thing is all the great colors. They have 19 different colors in their house, each room done differently. This screened porch is really nice~ shelter from the sun but lots of trees around to offer gentle breezes. The golf course is right out the back yard. Posted by Hello

The Green Green Boys of Chesterfield

Jackson and Jake Green, Richard's nephews, live with their parents Greg and Lisa in Chesterfield, VA which is just south of Richmond. Small world sometimes. David Heird lives in the same development (we didn't get to see David or his wife Pam (Chiounard) Heird, but it was fun to have that connection). Jackson and Jake were such fun to be around! Lots of great energy and they're learning about southern hospitality :) Posted by Hello

Tasha and Kevin

Here again on Virginia Beach... what a great day. Sunshine, warm sand to walk on, and love in the air. What more could you ask for? Posted by Hello

Fun in the Sun

A nice photo of Joline and Danny that was taken on Virginia Beach. Richard and I had a short amount of time available, and we wanted to visit here with Jo and Danny as well as seeing Richard's brother Greg and sister Kathy and their families. It all worked out great, even though our time there was short. Aren't these guys a happy looking couple? Posted by Hello

The Great Flamingo Rescue

So, there was this pair of flamingos hanging out on the side of the interstate; we had seen them several times in passing, always commenting that they must be saved from their mundane existance of watching the traffic rush by. On our trip home from Virginia, the plan was laid in place~ we would get those magnificent pink birds! As we approached the exact location (which had been noted by mile marker), a state trooper drove by. But we did not waver from the mission we had set for ourselves. As I readied the camera, Richard climbed the embankment and gathered up those flamingos, rushed down the little hill, tossed the birds in the car, and we made our get-away. They are living on our front lawn to this day, but we know they won't be happy here forever. Soon, they will be released in a new part of I-295 and continue on their wonderful journey. Who left them in the first place? We may never know. We can only hope that they continue to have a life full of adventure, and be happy knowing that we've added to their experiences. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

J Lo Lost Her Glasses...

... lucky for me I found them sticking up in the sand. It seemed as though someone must have put them there, thinking they'd remember to take them when they left the beach. Alas, they were left behind. I was glad to have brought my beach sarong, even though I had to wear it around my neck for protection against the cool, damp, sea air. A wonderful afternoon. Posted by Hello

A Fine Chap

Here is Richard sporting a nice new pair of lower leg chaps that we found washed up on the beach. They actually afforded quite a bit of protection from the 57 degree weather at Popham Beach on Monday afternoon. An amazingly good fit... Posted by Hello

Monday, June 20, 2005

Under The Big Top

Richard and I spent the weekend at Maine Fiddle Camp in Montville, ME learning new tunes, jamming with friends, and performing on stage with our practice groups. Cool, cloudy skies on Saturday could not stop the music! We had 3 fiddle workshops with different teachers, and I did a step dancing workshop in the afternoon. Sunday was absolutely perfect. Blue skies and a gentle breeze greeted us Sunday morning, and it only got better throughout the day. It was fun to see so many familiar faces and to meet new fiddlers young and old. Which brings me to comment on my favorite part of this fiddling and dancing sub-culture~ it is so inter and cross generational. The youngest fiddler attending was 5 and the oldest was 84... quite a range, don't you think? Avery will be the next generation, Richard and I are looking forward to the possibility of him being at camp with us in 5 years or so. If anyone is interested in more information about fiddling or contradancing, email us... we'd be happy to share our experiences and contacts. Posted by Hello

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

On the AT... Well...

Okay, we weren't really hiking the AT, but we recognize it as an amazing accomplishment for all who do this... Jason (Jen's husband) hiked the entire trail after finishing college (congratulations) I think it was the best thing for him... When R and I were driving through here, we picked up a couple groups of hikers... The first were a husband/wife team and the wife was getting off the trail to attend a wedding (her husband was getting back on I think)... The second group were through hikers who just needed a ride to the outfitters to get some boots fixed... I have great respect of those who hike through, and for those who do it in small segments... ANY THOUGHTS OR OPINIONS???? Jason is the man for all I am concerned because he has done it... If you want to read about this, I recommend Bill Bryson's 'A WALK IN THE WOODS' ... The nice thing for me about Bryson is that he writes the way that I think :) Posted by Hello

Blue Ridge View

Morning view on Monday, looking out over the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia just north of Roanoke. If anyone has looked at you may have seen views of the Blue Ridge Mts at Thanksgiving near Asheville NC... I really loved waking up to this view... Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Blue Ridge Parkway Fiddler

Richard and I slept at a scenic overlook on the Blue Ridge Parkway Sunday night. It was the perfect way to wake up, looking over the valleys to the mountains beyond. We played a lot of tunes as we prepared for the day. Playing outdoors is just about my favorite, and playing tunes with Richard is the best of all. For those who didn't know, R recently broke his left ring finger and has not been able to play much music. I can't even tell you how good it was to hear his fiddle. Posted by Hello