Sunday, March 30, 2008

Sunday River Waltz

Ah, here it is Sunday afternoon, the sun is shining, the snow is melting, and I am nesting! It's been a little while since I've taken the time to do much around the house, concentrating instead on keeping up with studying, family, and music/dance activities. But, today I'm taking a few hours to wash the leaves on the house plants (dusty from the indoor winter air), cleaning behind the furniture (finding lots of weird things dragged around by the cats including four rolls of Smarties), taking down the Christmas cards (that seems like a quick chore but then I get caught up in reading them again) and enjoying the Sunday afternoon public radio shows. Chores and studies will have to wait.
This weekend was the DownEast Country Dance Festival in Topsham, a once-a-year event that brings dancers and musicians together for workshops, dancing, jams, and conversation. Richard and I both got to call some dances in the Main Hall, and we led a beginner contradance session. It was a full day after a full week... and today it feels good to wash plants and enjoy the sunshine!
Sunday River Waltz comes from the Waltz Book, volume one.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Welcome Paige Lynne

Avery got to meet his new sister this afternoon~ it was love at first sight!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Baby, Can't You Hear My Heart Beat

I thought of this old Herman Hermit's song this evening as I was preparing for tomorrow! Because tomorrow is the day I get to meet the new baby! How exciting. I remember a little more than three years ago as I anxiously awaited the arrival of grandbaby #1, and got the amazing experience of seeing him get his first bath, then to see him for the first time... truly just the most wonderful miracle next to giving birth to his mom and uncles all those years before. Tomorrow morning I'll have the opportunity to be present for another miracle of life, the birth of A's little sister or brother. So, while we've had the miracle of science and technology to introduce us to the image of A's sibling, there's nothing to compare with the holding of a new infant close to your heart... nature taking over where technology and rational thinking leave off. And as excited as I am to meet my new grandchild, it is nothing in comparison to the prospective mom and dad, and the little three year old who are ready to welcome this child into their home and hearts.
Baby Baby, Can You Hear My Heart Beat? is a cool song from Herman's Hermits!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Spring Morning

Spring was marked on the calendar this past week and though our temperatures and landscape argue the fact, there are signs that spring is on the way. Longer hours of daylight, blustery wind, and patches of mud when the sun reaches a bare spot on the ground. Today is Easter! I hear there may be some chocolate foil wrapped Easter eggs in one home north of here :) SK and her friend Jonathan are here for the weekend, planning a lovely dinner to celebrate Easter and the arrival of spring.
However you spend your day, celebrate something special and do it with people you care about. Celebrate nature, Easter, your health, your faith, your community, your family, friends, peace, whatever is important...
Spring Morning is a lovely waltz.

Friday, March 21, 2008

More on the Floor

There are lots of opportunities to experience contradance and music this weekend! Some smaller area dances have folded due to lack of interest and participation. It's easy to take things for granted, and to think that our own small part doesn't make a difference but that's exactly what does make the difference, everyone contributing a small part to make something bigger come together. For anyone out there who has an interest in folk music and dance of any kind, get out there and support it! There is amazing talent here in Maine, often accessible at a pretty reasonable cost~ most venues offering the added benefit of social interaction and community building that you don't get at a movie or in front of the television. If you aren't a dancer, but like the music, I encourage you to get out there too... you might get asked to dance, but no one will feel hurt if you say "No thanks, I'm here for the music."


Brunswick Contradance at the People's Plus Center with music by Adam Broome & Jaige Trudel and calling by Chrissy Fowler!


Bangor Contradance at the Universalist Church, music by Upriver Reel, John McIntire calling

Bar Harbor Contradance at Gates Auditorium, music by Big Moose, Chrissy Fowler calling

Rockport at Simonton Corners, Ti'Acadie playing with Bill Olson calling

More on the Floor is not a tune, but a contradance... written by Charlie Fenton.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Banks Hornpipe

Todays post is about banks!

The snowbanks are settling as spring approaches, hooray! Our driveway is pretty messy and the road leading in is narrow and on the verge of being impassable. This afternoon we decided to minimize traffic in order to a) not damage the road and b) not have to dig anyone out. As soon as we made the decision it felt right. And it's not that long 'til spring. And it's not that far to walk. The photo above was taken at UM Farmington a couple of weeks ago and though the banks are not as high now, it gives you an idea how much snow we've gotten this winter.
My other bank post is about having to go to the bank to get a new credit card. Hannaford Supermarkets, here in Maine, had a breach in their security system and there has been some resulting fraud (not mine, thank goodness). I did have to take time from studying this afternoon to drive to town and deal with it though, which seems minimal as I watched activity at the bank... the phones are ringing, people are stopping in, folks are waiting to get their cards reissued. Not sure what my thoughts are on the whole thing yet, seems a bit extreme to say I won't use my card at the grocery store or other merchant but maybe that's the answer. For a long time now I haven't carried a balance on my card and thought it was a convenient way to make purchases. Maybe it still is. Something to think about.
Banks Hornpipe comes from the Fiddler's Fakebook.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Deer Foot

We have a herd of deer living around our house. The winter's snow gives clear evidence as their travels are marked by trails in the snow. One morning, as I was studying, Richard called me to the window overlooking the woods out back... there were a couple of deer munching on branches. As we continued to watch, another deer appeared, and still another. Four deer! Throughout the morning I'd go back to the window and they'd still be there... and then a movement caught my eye. Off to the side, among the thicker trees and denser underbrush raised the count to five. It's been nice, since that day, to pause at the window when I walk by to take a look out back. Some days the deer are there and some days not - and I find I like the unpredictability. There is no way to schedule 15 minutes of viewing nature into my day based on the presence of deer but I can stop for a few minutes now and then to see what IS out there... and it's never NOTHING. Movement in the treetops, a bird, the settling snow as winter winds down and spring approaches, and sometimes even the deer- something is always there and I like to stop, even for a few minutes, to see what there might be.
Deer Foot is a tune from the New England Fiddler's Repertoire.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to Avery! What a sweet, personable and interesting character! Though some of this is personality, much is due to the thoughtful and practical guidance of A's parents... the insight and consideration given to teaching manners and social values balanced with their encouragement of creativity and conversation result in an engaging and rational-thinking little boy who is, well, a pile of fun :)
Blog posts have been few and far between, and will likely continue to be so as I focus more energy on writing essays and reading text... I've managed to take some photos that maybe will get posted sometime... there's another spring break in April so keep checking back! I'm sure as I get more comfortable writing and studying I'll be more apt to write just for fun.