Thursday, October 12, 2006

Cherish the Ladies

These are two ladies whom I cherish dearly... neither is directly related to me, but each have had a lasting impact on my life, and I want to take a moment to recognize them.
You are a wonderful, loving, and authentic human being... and I love that you share so much with me about self-awareness and relationships. Your style and caring are only matched by your masterful and thoughtul manipulation tactics, and yes, I'm very grateful that you share those too!
You are so purely compassionate and giving in everything that you do, without any forethought or planning. Your passion for fun is contagious! Little Sam is lucky to have such loving and fun parents to guide him through life.
My life is rich and blessed by the people with whom I associate (family and friends alike), and I like to think they are a reflection of me in some ways. Justine & Tonya bring out the best in me simply by encouraging my potential and overlooking my shortfalls.
Who are the people in your life that encourage you to your fullest potential?
Cherish the Ladies is a tune from the Fiddler's Fakebook... Cherish the Ladies is also a great Irish band with a lot of energy.


Justine said...

Thanks Spammie! I Love Ya!!!

Tonya said...

Thank you Spammie!!!! You are a true love and I THANK YOU for creating the space that I can share myself authentically. Even if at times, there are manipulative tactics that evolve from it...he, he, he! I love you dearly!