Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Wake Up to Cape Breton

Richard and I traveled to Cape Breton, Nova Scotia this weekend. A friend of ours rented a house overlooking Mabou Harbor for the week, she's there for the annual Celtic Colors Festival. Though we didn't have tickets to the big concerts (because of our late decision to go up there), we did make plans to drive up the Cabot Trail through Cheticamp and into the Highlands National Park... a beautiful day as you can see by the photo.
Cape Breton Island is known for its beauty, isolated villages, and especially (for me) its music. Some of the finest fiddlers have come from Cape Breton, and as we toured around the island saw sign after sign that reminded us of fiddle tunes we play... Cheticamp, Little Judique, West Mabou Reel, Margaree Reel, Neil Beaton's, Dave MacIsaac's Jig, Jerry Holland's Strathspey, MacDonald Sisters, St Anne's Reel and more. We didn't hear any music but I'm still inspired by what is possible.
Wake Up to Cape Breton is a tune we've played from the Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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jen said...

I love Cape Breton! Did you get out on any trails?