Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mountain House

Saturday afternoon was a lovely day for a ride in the country. Our destination was the Stone Mountain Arts Center in Brownfield, Maine to join in celebrating the wedding of friends Dean and Kristen. I have been interested in seeing the SMAC for some time now, after reading about how this performing arts center evolved, and I was greatly rewarded... it is everything it presents itself as. A very rural setting, there is a feeling of peace and nature. The drive through the western Maine mountains gets you prepared, but then when we turned onto the dirt road and drove up to the cozy farmhouse and red barn I truly felt like I'd left most of the worries of the world behind.
The barn itself is absolutely beautiful, timber framed and open with light pouring in through floor to ceiling windows. Beer and wine are available, the dinner served was absolutely delicious, and the decor was simple yet very classy... rich colors and lots of wood. The fall leaves added their own splash of color.
The wedding was beautiful and emotional... there were family and friends of the bride and groom as well as friends from the contradance world. Music and entertainment from Jay Unger & Molly Mason, Carol Noonan as well as presentations from family and friends.
It was a bit of a drive, but not much more than some of the dances and jams we attend around Maine... and definitely worth the drive!
Mountain House is a waltz written by Jay Unger, and can be found in the Waltz Book Volume Two.


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