Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Double Chocolate Insomnia Rag

We didn't do much shopping in Cape Breton, though we did stop a few places for coffee or a Coke. As we were coming into St Stephen, I saw a sign for chocolates, and thought that a nice box of chocolates would be a great thank you for Bryan, since he had come to feed Kitty while we were away. Most of the stores were closed, but as we rounded the last corner toward Customs, I spied Ganong's and knew we had found THE place to get special dark treats! I've heard such rave reviews (and sampled a few chocolates in real life) from Kathie and Amy Jean's escapades in the Meddybemps region... these girls have been known to make special trips across the border JUST for the chocolates at Ganong! Bryan was quite appreciative of our show of thanks.
The Double Chocolate Insomnia Rag comes from Along the River.

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