Sunday, August 12, 2007

Double File

The Greens did double duty tonight! We had a scheduled community contradance in Vienna, we've been planning for it since this past spring. We also found out there was an opportunity to call the N Yarmouth dance... what to do? Well, we decided it was possible to do both! It took a bit of teamwork to make it all happen, but thanks to a great core group of friends & musicians, it all worked out!
Richard took charge of the community dance, doing the sound and calling... and the fiddlehedz' friendz did a fabulous job of providing the music... with special guest fiddler SK Green :) The evening was a huge success.
I went to N Yarmouth with a tentative program, and found out I'd be sharing the calling mic with a fellow new caller, Maggie... We quickly reviewed our dances, came up with a line-up that looked good and jumped in. Lots of learning, mid-course-adjustments, and lots of being flexible with a smile :) We had a guest caller that worked out just fine (thanks Kenna) and Richard drove all the way down in time to call a dance. What a great evening! Music was provided by some really hot fiddlers fresh from Maine Fiddle Camp... whahooo... so much fun!
Double File comes from the Fiddler's Fakebook... thanks to all who worked double time to help out tonight :)

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wow, busy night!