Monday, August 27, 2007

Shuffle About

We shuffled about a bit this afternoon and evening. After a good day of labor outdoors (clearing brush and cutting firewood) we decided to go to RR2 to see a movie... I'd gotten an e-mail of shows and I especially liked "Death at a Funeral". Not having been to a movie recently, and happy about the prospect of having a date with my husband, we headed off to the movie theater... without really looking at all the details. We arrived in plenty of time, but a week too early! Yep, the e-mail listing was for the NEXT week's shows which don't start until Thursday! We were too late to see the early show but decided on another movie we wanted to see later. So we went to Starbuck's for a special coffee and sat outside, soaking in the late-afternoon-end-of-the-summer sunshine. A little driving around to see a site Richard had worked on earlier this month filled in the rest of the time until our movie "Becoming Jane" started. This was a really nice movie that we both enjoyed a lot... has anyone else seen it? All the shuffling about gave us some much needed time alone without other schedules and activities... a very nice evening indeed. Shuffle About comes from the Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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