Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Baby Baby, Can't You Hear My Heart Beat

I thought of this old Herman Hermit's song this evening as I was preparing for tomorrow! Because tomorrow is the day I get to meet the new baby! How exciting. I remember a little more than three years ago as I anxiously awaited the arrival of grandbaby #1, and got the amazing experience of seeing him get his first bath, then to see him for the first time... truly just the most wonderful miracle next to giving birth to his mom and uncles all those years before. Tomorrow morning I'll have the opportunity to be present for another miracle of life, the birth of A's little sister or brother. So, while we've had the miracle of science and technology to introduce us to the image of A's sibling, there's nothing to compare with the holding of a new infant close to your heart... nature taking over where technology and rational thinking leave off. And as excited as I am to meet my new grandchild, it is nothing in comparison to the prospective mom and dad, and the little three year old who are ready to welcome this child into their home and hearts.
Baby Baby, Can You Hear My Heart Beat? is a cool song from Herman's Hermits!

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