Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Banks Hornpipe

Todays post is about banks!

The snowbanks are settling as spring approaches, hooray! Our driveway is pretty messy and the road leading in is narrow and on the verge of being impassable. This afternoon we decided to minimize traffic in order to a) not damage the road and b) not have to dig anyone out. As soon as we made the decision it felt right. And it's not that long 'til spring. And it's not that far to walk. The photo above was taken at UM Farmington a couple of weeks ago and though the banks are not as high now, it gives you an idea how much snow we've gotten this winter.
My other bank post is about having to go to the bank to get a new credit card. Hannaford Supermarkets, here in Maine, had a breach in their security system and there has been some resulting fraud (not mine, thank goodness). I did have to take time from studying this afternoon to drive to town and deal with it though, which seems minimal as I watched activity at the bank... the phones are ringing, people are stopping in, folks are waiting to get their cards reissued. Not sure what my thoughts are on the whole thing yet, seems a bit extreme to say I won't use my card at the grocery store or other merchant but maybe that's the answer. For a long time now I haven't carried a balance on my card and thought it was a convenient way to make purchases. Maybe it still is. Something to think about.
Banks Hornpipe comes from the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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