Monday, March 17, 2008

Deer Foot

We have a herd of deer living around our house. The winter's snow gives clear evidence as their travels are marked by trails in the snow. One morning, as I was studying, Richard called me to the window overlooking the woods out back... there were a couple of deer munching on branches. As we continued to watch, another deer appeared, and still another. Four deer! Throughout the morning I'd go back to the window and they'd still be there... and then a movement caught my eye. Off to the side, among the thicker trees and denser underbrush raised the count to five. It's been nice, since that day, to pause at the window when I walk by to take a look out back. Some days the deer are there and some days not - and I find I like the unpredictability. There is no way to schedule 15 minutes of viewing nature into my day based on the presence of deer but I can stop for a few minutes now and then to see what IS out there... and it's never NOTHING. Movement in the treetops, a bird, the settling snow as winter winds down and spring approaches, and sometimes even the deer- something is always there and I like to stop, even for a few minutes, to see what there might be.
Deer Foot is a tune from the New England Fiddler's Repertoire.


jgr said...

They look very healthy. My mom emailed me pictures of deer on her lawn last week and they looked really healthy as well. I think winter has been kind to them this year.

B said...

Nice close up picture. You're lucky to have that north facing window to look out at the woods.