Friday, March 21, 2008

More on the Floor

There are lots of opportunities to experience contradance and music this weekend! Some smaller area dances have folded due to lack of interest and participation. It's easy to take things for granted, and to think that our own small part doesn't make a difference but that's exactly what does make the difference, everyone contributing a small part to make something bigger come together. For anyone out there who has an interest in folk music and dance of any kind, get out there and support it! There is amazing talent here in Maine, often accessible at a pretty reasonable cost~ most venues offering the added benefit of social interaction and community building that you don't get at a movie or in front of the television. If you aren't a dancer, but like the music, I encourage you to get out there too... you might get asked to dance, but no one will feel hurt if you say "No thanks, I'm here for the music."


Brunswick Contradance at the People's Plus Center with music by Adam Broome & Jaige Trudel and calling by Chrissy Fowler!


Bangor Contradance at the Universalist Church, music by Upriver Reel, John McIntire calling

Bar Harbor Contradance at Gates Auditorium, music by Big Moose, Chrissy Fowler calling

Rockport at Simonton Corners, Ti'Acadie playing with Bill Olson calling

More on the Floor is not a tune, but a contradance... written by Charlie Fenton.


Fiddler said...

It was an awesome dance. The music was driving, calling was right on, huge crowd, lots of fun. This is why we dance!

Anonymous said...

gotta get my girl out to try a contra sometime soon :)