Sunday, May 18, 2008

Anniversary Reel

Saturday afternoon found us in nearby Mt Vernon calling a few dances as part of an 10 year anniversary celebration. Lovely music was played by John Pranio and Paul D'Alessio at the Mt Vernon Community Center, and we called some fun, easy dances - La Bastringue, Galopede, Family Contra, and The Wheel. Though we were only there for a short time, it was evident this was a celebration of more than just this couple's ten years of marriage. This was a celebration of family and friends, of love and loss, and especially of the connections and relationships that sustain and encourage through times of joy and sadness. The bride said to me when we got there that ten years might not mean a lot to some people, but it had not all been easy and it was time for an anniversary party, or something to that effect.
So, why wait for the BIG DAY? Why wait for the 25th, or 50th birthday or anniversary? Not that we shouldn't celebrate those milestones too, but maybe each day could be shared and celebrated! One of my favorite marketing logos is Pepperidge Farms' "Never have an ordinary day." Use the good dishes, take out the cloth napkins, light the candles at dinner, pick a bouquet of wildflowers... CELEBRATE LIFE and SHARE THE JOY!
Anniversary Reel is a dance written by Ted & Jean Sanella who had been married over 40 years.

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