Thursday, May 22, 2008

Gang of Four

First, grades for the spring semester got posted which means I've officially completed my first full time semester of college! I'm really happy with the grades, especially the B+ in Computer Science, which was really difficult for me to understand. The past few months have been a lot of intense work - thanks everyone for supporting me in so many ways!
Second, I did not get the intern position I'd applied for. I'm pretty bummed about that, but as I have been reminded, things happen for a reason and there's something else around the corner. Any ideas out there? I'm interested in working in my field, fairly broad at the moment, which includes: the environment, ecology, nature, writing, plant biology, being outdoors, or anything else even slightly related to one or more of these topics.
Third, I'm enjoying the May class, a four week Nature Writing course. It's intense, and fun, and interesting - what more could I ask for?! We go out on a field trip every day, taking field notes and then writing about the experience. So far we've wandered around campus, toured the campus arboretum, visited an apple orchard, and gone to a gentleman's farm. Other planned trips include hiking along the Temple Stream, going to the Chesterville Bog, visiting the DEW animal kingdom, spending four days at the Schoodic Research Center at Acadia, traveling out to Parker Pond, and floating down the Sandy River!
Fourth, it's gardening season and we're working in the yard. Pruning and trimming along the driveway has begun - the rain this week means we can burn the brush pile that is accumulating. Richard is getting the bigger garden ready for the season, making plans for vegetables to eat and store for the coming winter season. He's also been cutting firewood. My efforts have been directed toward the perennial bed, thinning out large clumps of lilies and other plants, sharing and transplanting the excess. I have one small patch reserved for a "salad garden" where I'll put in some tomatoes, lettuce, radishes and such.
Gang of Four is a dance by Gene Hubert.

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MaGreen said...

congratulations on the good grades! i never could get through computer science, though i was a web programmer for a couple years.