Friday, May 16, 2008

Mr & Mrs Ma"cLean" of Snaigow

I know this post title is a stretch on the use of a fiddle tune, but it's the best I could find this morning! The theme of this week at home has been spring cleaning, and I'm happy to say we are just about caught up.
It feels really good to wash the windows, clean and reorganize the closets, paint a room, and clear off my desk. All the assignments and papers from last semester's classes got stored in a binder for easy reference. I'm doing pretty good at collecting and pressing plants from the property, although it is a fairly involved process and requires some attention every few days.
Errands will occupy my morning, and the afternoon will likely find me in the yard putting in some dahlia bulbs and zinnia seeds shared with me by my mom (thanks!).
So, you can, if you like, call me Ma cLean this week. Once a new class starts (and hopefully a summer intern position somewhere), I'm not sure how caught up I'll stay on house and yard work... enough, I suppose, to get by and enjoy the journey!
Mr. and Mrs. MaClean of Snaigow comes from the Waltz Book, Third Volume (the red book).

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