Monday, May 19, 2008


I moved my desk downstairs early this spring, still trying to find just the right place to work in this house we bought two years ago. Displacing the table from the dining room into the living room creates just the right amount of space for my desk and study materials... and now I work surrounded by windows and light... and I'm privy to all comings and goings of the household (rather than working in a room upstairs, off by myself, which may appeal to some folk). Not only am I handy to the coffee pot, but my desk faces the greenhouse and the gardens~ easy inspiration and relaxation when I need a momentary break. And, sometimes, unexpected activity demands a break such as the day when a flock of blue jays descended around our house, swarming round and round, swooping up into the trees and gliding down in sweeping circles in front of the greenhouse. I had never witnessed this many jays together before! Their brilliant blue against the green of the trees, their playful air-capades, their tolerance of the finches and robins and phoebes who daily share our yard... a bit of play time in nature.
I'd forgotten about it until I noticed this photo, so I thought I'd share. Have any faithful readers seen blue jays like this? Though the photo shows four, I think there must have been at least 10-12 total.
Bluejay is a tune from the Portland Collection.

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Anonymous said...

I inherited this from you... the 'must be in the right zone, in the right place, with a list" to feel ready to dive into work! Glad you have carved out a spot for yourself.