Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best of Both Worlds

That's what we have here, the best of both worlds. We have a moderately expensive lifestyle that includes a mortgage, two vehicles, a lot of stuff, and busy schedules. We also have a great piece of property in the woods, a hippie house (upscale to be sure, but still, designed with energy savings in mind), and a wealth of knowledge, ideas, and resources to 'live off the land' to whatever level we choose. Oh, did I use the word 'choose'?
That's right. We get to choose. I just finished reading Bryan's blog about the state of our great country and the choices we as individuals are making that impact the world today and the future of generations to come. It has me thinking that I personally need, and want, to take some ownership and responsibility and decide which side of the fence I want to be associated with.
Now, I'm not getting rid of our vehicles, or our great home, or our lifestyle. I am committing to making some considerate choices about how I use my time and resources, and how those choices can influence family and friends with whom I spend my time. Lots of ideas and it's easy for me to start thinking radical thoughts. A more conscientious approach, I think, is to think big picture, but start one step at a time. What can I do today?
Right this minute, I'm using the computer to blog, and also to do some creative writing. I'm also using the oven to make some yummy granola. Not bad activities. But as I look around, I see that it is 6:10 in the afternoon and it is still bright daylight~ and I have a lamp on in the living room, the overhead in the kitchen, and three recessed lightbulbs behind the sideboard. Ummm, I'll start with signing off for a while, turning off the lights, and picking up the fiddle to play some tunes while the granola finishes, at which time I'll put some lasagna in to heat for dinner.
Not much, but it's a start. With some careful and considerate changes here and there, I think it's possible to have the best of both worlds. And maybe, just maybe, change my idea of what those worlds look like, and what 'best' means in each of them!


Tonya said...

Thanks for the YUMMY granola, my "granola" friend! :-) I think that would make a great gift for me for Christmas! :-) He, he, he! I also can't wait for the treats I will reap from your garden...I like cukes! :-) Yes, this is quite a stage for me to perform some of my manipulative tactics! :-)

B said...

Umm, granola. You could mail some of that to me!