Friday, April 28, 2006

Iron Man

The fiddlehedz got to spend another evening out playing and jamming, and hanging out with other like minded folk. It's been a busy week for going out, but I will say we've done a good job of car pooling. Tonight we didn't car pool but we did meet at our friend Eric's for dinner and music before going to the Whitefield dance... Eric lives only a short distance from the dance hall, so it didn't add miles to our trip.
Eric and his wife Elizabeth have converted a barn into a beautiful (and I mean absolutely beautiful) home for themselves and their children. Nestled right into the woods, this space is full of character and charm, photographs and art. The children are as gracious as their parents, making all of us (fourteen at the dinner table ) feel welcome and comfortable. We felt very lucky to be part of such a great group.
Eric is an ironmonger by trade. His home reflects his craft. We didn't get to see his shop, but I'm hoping next time we go out there we'll get a tour of his work space.
After dinner and music, we had a great evening at the dance. Music was by The Usual Suspects, and the crowd was enthusiastic. If any of you have not tried contradancing before, it's one of the best, most wholesome, most community oriented activities I've ever seen... cross generational, chem/alcohol free, lots of activity and conversation, and smiles like you just don't see so much these days. Try it, you'll like it :)
Iron Man can be found in the Fiddle Music of PEI as well as in the Fiddler's Fakebook.


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Sounds like a fun night out!

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