Sunday, April 30, 2006


The azaleas have blossomed in full force. This lovely bush is right outside our front door, its beautiful flowers greeting all who enter... including the bees. Really. Whoever planted this right beside the main entrance was NOT thinking about how things would work out. Though the bees have not ventured INTO the house, it is a little un-nerving to have them buzzing and menacing just inches from you as you reach for the door handle and JUMP inside the house. I'm not thinking this will stay here forever. Maybe it can get transplanted around the corner a little bit, not too far, still inviting, yet not a potential hazard to anyone who comes to call. Ahh, that's the thing about true beauty, it comes with a bit of a price, eh?
Beauty can be found in the Waltz Book volume 3 for those of you who are interested!

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