Monday, May 01, 2006

Chipchase Reel

Here's a furry little friend we've seen scurrying around the woods many-a-day. I was out with the camera this morning, in hopes of catching a great image of a purple finch who's decided to feed on the thistles we've set out. That photo was pretty blurry, will try again later since he seems to be returning frequently today. As I was waiting for the finch, I heard a rustling in the leaves out by the stone wall so I crept quietly (barefoot) trying to think like an Indian, so as to get very close and then become a statue with camera poised. Hoping to see a deer, or turkey, or some fabulous large animal, you can imagine my surprise to see such a small creature emerge from the large sound I'd heard!
Small things come sometimes on the heels of big expectations, and vice versa... I'm sure there's a moral or something in there. Anyway, hope you enjoy the photo of this little guy, he made me smile!
Chipchase Reel comes from the Portland Collection, Volume Two.

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