Saturday, May 27, 2006

Musical Priest

For another viewpoint on progress being made here on various projects, check out Toby's online journal, complete with photographs. Toby has been a great help, and good company. We're happy he's spent a good part of his vacation here in Wayne.
SK has also been spending quite a bit of time with us. Willing hands and easy conversation have made this month a lot of fun with her. This evening we had a dinner party for friends of hers, Donna and Steve. The meal was delicious, the stories were great to listen to, and the latter part of the evening was playing tunes together so you know I liked that! One of the stories told was about going to what was thought to be a local televised concert/ revue of sorts at a coffee house. What happened was Religious Night karaoke with the singing priests... totally unexpected entertainment... the coffee house was so small there were only three tables so not a big audience, and because it was being televised it was impossible to leave without being noticed. You can imagine how it all turned out!
There were a couple of new recipes tried out at dinner this evening. One was Apple Chutney, mixed up by SK, very good with the roast pork. The other was Fiddlehead Pate, served with cheese and crackers. I'm not sure what went into the chutney exactly, but I can tell you about the pate.

Fiddlehead Pate
Cook, rinse and drain fiddleheads and set aside. Saute some onions and cook small pieces of bacon. Mix the sauted onions, cooked bacon and fiddleheads in a bowl. Add some goat cheese, and then season lightly with fresh ground pepper. Put through the food processor until fairly smooth.
For the Apple Chutney recipe, you'll want to email SK at She'll be happy to tell you what you need to mix this recipe up.
Richard and I are going to miss having Toby and SK here at the house with us. The daily interactions, taking turns with household chores, helping each other when more hands are needed, sitting down at the table together sometimes... all these things have really given us a sense of 'family' beyond the occasional visits of a few days. It has been really good to have space to accomodate personal privacy too.
Musical Priest is from the Fiddler's Fakebook.

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