Sunday, May 21, 2006


This afternoon, we had the opportunity to play for a scholarship benefit. The event was set up as a wine tasting and a silent auction, and we were invited to provide some music. As it turned out, Richard, SK and I were the fiddlers and our friend Jeff was the guitarist. We had a great time! The event was very nicely arranged, the snacks were wonderful, the acoustics were apparently just grand for those attending. The items set up for auction were well displayed, conversation seemed to be lively throughout the afternoon, and we had such a good time playing tunes that we knew.
As payment, we received much applause and encouragement, which would have been enough for me and I'm sure for my fellow musicians. In addition to this, we were able to have a bite to eat, and recieved a bottle of wine each. Not a big cash gig, but as Jeff says, this is all part of getting us 'out there' and hopefully generate more income and more gigs and more exposure. Jeff was prepared with flyers to hand out, and maybe well have some folks from todays fundraiser stopping in at the Thursday jam or the regular Wescustago contradance. All in all, a great afternoon!
Barnestorming comes from the Curvy Road to Corinth.

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