Sunday, May 28, 2006

Rebel's Road

Richard and I are headed out in little while for Brattleboro... Tonight is the annual Memorial Day Dawn Dance! Richard has been before, so he is a veteran... I however am a Dawn Dance Wannabe who is just now having her opportunity present itsefl... Our friend Jim is riding along with us, he's a fellow fiddler and regular contradancer, and a friend of many years, so the journey will be fun, entertaining, and will also strengthen our friendship simply by sharing the experience...
I chose the title Rebel's Road, because sometimes I feel a little rebellious in my existence... like I've never really been part of any set group, always just a little bit out of synch with whomever and whatever is going on. The fun part is that at the same time I'm not really 'with' whatever is happening, I'm close enough to know what is going on, and to know that I'm on the fringe of activities. A little bit rebellious, not really a radical personality, but supportive of rebellion in all its phases, as long as rebellion itself is NOT the true and only motivation. Adherence to personal principles, and belief in one's own abilities and ideals is the real key.
I once was involved with someone who chose rebellion for rebellion's sake, and though he did a lot of really cool stuff, I always wondered (and sometimes voiced) whether or not he was truly doing what HE wanted to do, or was he really just always doing the opposite of what was expected? Hmmmm.
For me, I sometimes feel a bit rebellious, but really, the identifying label I put on it is "to thine own self be true" which feels more honest and hopefully more 'to the point.
I'll be traveling today with my chosen life-partner, and a long time friend... both of these men know me pretty well and I draw from their perceptions of me. I'm also lately finding myself thinking about how I've been perceived by SK and Toby because in the past few weeks, they've seen me at my BEST and my not quite WORST... all of which makes me ME. And I'm happy to say I feel the freedom and the love & acceptance to be all of what I AM and all of what I am NOT, and still very loved. I hope those around me feel the same freedom and flexibility.

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