Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Miss Brown

A richer, darker brown you'll not find... well, maybe you can but still, we're very happy with the color and textue of the loam we had delivered today. This soil will be brought to the garden site as soon as the sod has been cut away. A couple truckloads of manure will get added and all will be tilled into the existing dirt to build up the soil for a healthy crop of vegetables!

The evening was filled with music and company, a perfect combination. Katie gave a full house tour to her mom, Allison, before they headed out. Then Kathie and David arrived for a tour of the new workshop site before settling down to play some tunes. A fellow fiddler, Jim, also came to join in the playing of tunes for the evening. Turns out David and Jim recognized each other from doing Christmas Bird Count in the past... small world! Conversation and music easily intertwine at most jams, and though tonight's gathering was relatively small, the agenda stayed true to form.
Miss Brown comes from the Phillips Collection of Traditional American Fiddle Tunes.


Raj Mankad said...

I'm so jealous. That loam looks delicious ; )

Fiddler said...

Absolutely divine...