Saturday, May 27, 2006

Bird's Nest

When we first moved to Pine Needle Alley, our house was surrounded by giant pine trees, you may remember this from previous posts. This apple tree was tucked in that pine grove, just searching for light. The forester who came to cut the pines did an amazing job at felling the trees exactly where he wanted them, leaving the apple tree intact. Richard has trimmed a few branches, and I imagine we'll need to trim more to really get the tree healthy. It's leaning quite a bit, but I have an idea of putting a sling around the tree and then supporting it with an ever-so-slight amount of tension to a couple of trees at the edge of the forest... and then increasing the tension ever-so-slightly over time to try and at very least prevent more leaning~ and possible in helping the tree come back to a little more of an upright position. Careful pruning may help give a more upright appearance too.
The sod on the ground comes from the garden spot on the east end of the house. The ground here is barren, once covered with pine needles. We have hopes that the sod will 'take' and that it will eventually become a meadow.
Each time I bring a wheelbarrow of sod from the garden spot over to the base of the apple tree, a robin flies off and cries out her warning call. I guessed there must be a nest in the apple tree, and careful inspection revealed just that.

In the crook of branches, you may be able to make out a nest, nicely protected by leaves and branches. The mama and papa robins are never far away, always perched on a nearby branch, calling out warnings, ready to rush at me should I try to get too close to their babies.

I love working out in the yard. Hearing birds, listening to wind in the top of the trees, feeling the sunshine and even drops of rain on my face... all have a calming affect on me. So, when I'm in a bit-of-a-snit, Richard thinks he'll just bring me to the kitchen door and give me a gentle heave-ho out the door into the yard to dig in the dirt, listen to the birds, and generally to commune with nature when I'm not communable indoors!
How do you zen-out from the cares and stresses (even those self-imposed) of life?

Bird's Nest can be found in the Fiddle Music of PEI, as well as Jerry Holland's Collection of Fiddle Tunes.

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