Monday, May 29, 2006

Basker Family

Basking in the almost afterglow of having children in the house again, we are gearing down to the household consisting of the mom, the dad and the cat.
Richard and I have commented so often to one another over the past couple of weeks how much we have enjoyed, (loved really), having SK and Toby here. Their company, conversation, insight, tolerance, help, and generally just 'being' has been so appreciated. There can be a lot of challenges in blending families when adults with children fall in love and marry... and you never really know how everyone will get along until they're all 'there'. Both of us feel very loved and accepted by each others parents, brothers, and sisters. And we've had good experiences in the previously short visits with any of our children. This however has been the first opportunity to have the 'live-in' experience of being parents living with adult children, and it has been SO good.
When I think of family, I think not only of the personal investment of years of knowing one another, but I also think back to television shows like The Waltons and Little House on the Prairie. Now, I realize those were idealized portrayals of families, but still they are my mental images of how families are there for each other. Years ago I had the privilege of living with my sister Kathie, and it was one of the best times of my life in part because we truly shared our lives, our children, our cares, our joys. That's when I started reviving my love of music, with Kathie's encouragement and her extra guitar. These days, I'm especially thankful for those times... that legacy of music and family live on here in this house with Richard, and our children, and our family.
We're not the Baskers, but I do bask in the warm glow of family. SK and Toby move on and continue to live their lives independently of us... Bryan will be traveling soon, Jen's life with Jason and Avery takes its own turns... all this is as it should be. But, I am secure knowing that Richard and I have established ourselves here, on this property, with the vision that we'll be able to accommodate all our family and friends who want or need to share this space.
Basker Family can be found in the Lighthouse Collection.

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