Saturday, May 06, 2006

Lassie with the Yellow Coatie

We've attracted gold finches! A couple of days ago, as I was getting ready to check my email, I got a glimpse of something small and yellow darting past the window... I thought it might be a goldfinch, it was just that sort of color! I ran to look at the thistle feeder, but didn't see any finches. Richard, however, has seen them and told me about them so I was happy to know they're here. This afternoon I was lucky enough to be out in the yard WITH the camera, and this little guy is sitting on the feeder. As you can see, the feeder is down on thistle, proof that the birds are finding their way here.

The perennial garden has burst into even more color this week. The rains have helped a lot. We have three varieties of daffodil, one completely yellow, one with yellow and white, and one that is a nice white on white (very elegant). Yellow tulips have also bloomed. It's been a yellow week, I suppose!

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Anonymous said...

Happy BlogDay! Yesterday was your one year blog anniversary. Did you know? I didn't see any celebratory posts. How cool that it fell on Cynco De Mayo!