Thursday, May 25, 2006

Spring Breakup

Spring is essentially over, the break-up of the season is nearly complete. Nights are still cool, and there's still danger of frost... but days are warm, sun is getting higher in the sky and we're about to turn the corner toward early summer very soon.
Memorial Day weekend is just about here. Our plans are to work around the house. The new workshop is coming along very nicely... Richard is putting in a lot of hours making this happen. It will give us the space we want for our tools and small building projects, some storage upstairs for lumber and extra supplies, firewood room in the back, and a porch on the front. The porch is an added feature, not in the original plans. It didn't start out as a serious idea, but once voiced it has become a real part of the building project. The fun thing is that we want to use it as an outdoor stage! The garden is still taking shape, photos to come of both these projects.
Sunday we'll head off to a Dawn Dance... yes, we will be contradancing until Dawn! This will be our big holiday weekend trip, our friend Jim will be going along with us to share the driving and conversation. We'll bring our fiddles along too, I think, in hopes of playing some tunes in between the dancing.
Memorial Day is the usual summer kick-off in many Maine communities... the time when summer folk open up the family camps, and the first real influx of people from 'away'occurs.
We car-pooled down to the Thursday night jam... this is the highlight of my week as far as social engagements go. I like hosting our Tuesday jam at home, but for getting out, Thursday is great for me. The music is fun whether it is an old standard that we've played a thousand times before... or a new tune that I've never tried... they're all good. Company and conversation are good too. Oh, and have I ever mentioned the hot pepper popcorn? Mmmmmm Good!
Oh, one other special thing today, Richard grilled up some Spam for lunch... OMG, what a treat that was!
Spring Breakup can be found in the Lighthouse Collection.

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