Sunday, April 30, 2006

They Stole My Wife Last Night...

... and Hid Her Mason Jars Under the Apple Tree.

Well, the second part isn't really part of the tune title but maybe you guessed that!

Richard and I have been hard at work today clearing brush from where the tall pines were cut. The space that remains has a lot of potential, and our list of possibilities is endless! For now, we will clear a truck path to the back of the house where the new shed will be built. And we'll also put in some raised beds for this year. We aren't exactly sure where we want the vegetable garden to be, we've talked about a couple of locations. This newly cleared area seems to get a good amount of sunshine throughout the day until mid afternoon, will be close enough to be convenient, and 'feels' right to me. There are a lot of stumps and rocks! By putting in raised beds, we'll be able to garden soon, and put our big burst of energy into building the shed... letting the 'temporary' garden spot either evolve into something permanent over the summer or be moved for next year depending on how things grow in that part of the yard.

When cleaning out around our apple tree, Richard found a pile of old bricks, and these Mason jars. It is unclear to us why they would have been deposited in the ground near the tree. We can only come up with some stories of what may have happened. Was this an old homestead before the current house was built? Did the original occupants of this house find salvaged bricks and jars and set them out by the apple tree and then forget about them? And who put the apple tree where it is anyway... it was totally surrounded by giant, towering pines. We may never find the answers to these questions, but it was a fun surprise to find the jars. You just never know what you'll uncover when you're working to clear land in Maine.

They Stole My Wife Last Night is a strathspey from our collection of tunes, who knows where it came from!

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