Tuesday, January 15, 2008

My Own Home Waltz

Back home after a long but fairly uneventful day of flying. On the last flight of the day, from Phoenix to Manchester NH, we had a flight attendant who kept us all laughing. As he did the pre-flight safety speech (which no one really listens to completely) he got to the part about the oxygen mask and said to watch for the butter containers to drop down, to go ahead and use it yourself first because you KNOW the person next to you wasn't paying attention anyway, and to go ahead and breath whatever oxygen was being rationed... When we got to Manchester and were taxiing to the terminal, he reminded us that we were to leave our seat belts fastened until the PILOT informed us we could release them, then once the plane stopped he said "ready, set, GET OFF THE PLANE" and honestly I don't think I heard one single person unbuckle their belt before he said that :) Lots of other little things throughout the flight but you get the idea... It's nice to be back home, now to get ready for this coming weekend!
My Own Home Waltz comes from one of the Waltz Books, I think the first volume.

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