Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Pretty Peggy

As we consider dances to put into a contradance program, we somehow have to envision how the figures work and where the dancers progress. Until now, we've been dancing with air-partners, pretending there are others among us as we do the moves to music we find on the internet. Interesting, and pretty useful.
One of the knick-knacky Christmas toys we pull out every year is a Christmas tree version of Hi-Q. Hmmm, an idea formed in our contradancing minds... What if we had a "Dance Floor" with peg people that we could move around as a dance progressed? Richard made such a board and some pegs that he wrapped with different colored tape... it worked out pretty well, but it wasn't big enough to choreograph a square dance or anything very long. Back to the drawing board! What he came up with was this design!

Now we each have a mini dance floor and a set of dancers!
Pretty Peggy is a tune from the Portland Collection, a lively jig in the key of A.

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Anonymous said...

Better hide this when A is on the way!