Monday, June 09, 2008

Cedar Waxwing

Here is a sketch of the cedar waxwing. I have always seen them as a community of birds flitting about in the tops of tall trees. This bird was seen and sketched along the banks of the Temple Stream a week or so ago. I love their color!


B said...

Wow, you're getting really good at doing these sketches! Are you doing them in the field as you see them, or from a photograph later on?

Fiddler said...

I sketch from the field, noting colors, postures, habitat and whatever else I can get depending on how much movement there is. Making a positive identification in the field is important, that way I can check out details in a field guide. Sometimes all I have are field notes which I compare with field guides, making the positive ID later on.

MaGreen said...

i love these!!