Friday, June 13, 2008

Hairy Woodpeckers

You may have noticed that my focus has shifted somewhat, in content as well as in the naming of posts. I'm still fiddling on what has become an irregular but still impassioned way, but I've also been outdoors a lot, especially since the fiddleheading expedition a month ago. I haven't been taking many photographs, relying instead on my senses for input, developing my skills at sketching the details.
These hairy woodpeckers (very similar to downies but bigger) can be heard and seen around here a lot. They happened to be hanging out near the driveway this morning, noticed as I sent Richard off for a day of site evaluation in South Harpswell. Me? I'll be working in the garden and the yard - so nice to have the Nature Writing class behind me! I'll probably tuck my field journal into my trusty hod, along with my other essentials like trowel, gloves, and insect repellent!

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