Thursday, June 19, 2008

Fit as a Fiddle

Yep, that's me, fit as a fiddle... which means I'm amazingly healthy for a forty-year old according to the doctor I saw today for my pre-employment physical. "Hehem," said I... "What about for a fifty-year old?" "Ah," he replied, "even better!"
So there you have it, I am ready to embark on a new journey for the summer, as an intern with the Maine Conservation Corps! Although I don't know many details, such as where I'll be or what I'll be doing or even when I will be coming home, I do know that I will be learning a lot about conservation of natural areas, effective methods of erosion control, and general trail maintenance in a variety of settings over the next two months.
The uncertain schedule has me unable to commit to much of anything until the middle of August. I have a couple of important things between now and then that I am hoping to be home for, but we'll have to see. My orientation and training takes place this coming Monday and I should know more then. In addition to steel toe boots, a rain coat, and assorted other clothing and equipment suggestions, they included such things on the list as a sense of humor, optimism, and instruments! Sounds like a great way to work away the summer!

For now, I feel great knowing that I am as healthy as I perceive myself to be!
Fit as a Fiddle is a contra dance written by the late Ted Sanella.

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