Sunday, June 08, 2008

Colored Aristocracy

Here is a sketch of a painted turtle that I did based on an actual field-collected specimen! I have been taking a Nature Writing course for the past three weeks. Each class day has involved going outdoors and finding things to write about, so I used those newly acquired skills in depicting this little guy who was found in the road not far from the house by Richard, on the way home from a run. After sketching and observing the turtle, we returned him to the approximate spot where he was found. Although there's not much earth-shattering news around here, I thought my faithful and occasional readers alike might like to get a glimpse into the quiet yet colorful world of nature!
Colored Aristocracy is a great tune from the Fiddler's Fakebook that Richard happens to be playing on the piano at the moment, along with a CD. We like to put music on and practice along to someone other than ourselves!


Anonymous said...

Avery likes the turtle sketch!

MaGreen said...

beatiful!!!! i'd love to see more of your field drawings!