Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Are You Ready?

UnitedHealth cuts 2008 outlook as premiums slipWall Street heads to higher openStarbucks to close 600 US stores, rein in growthJune car sales plummet; more declines expectedBlockbuster withdraws plan to acquire Circuit CityManufacturers struggle to overcome rising pricesOil rises above $141Salvage yard haven for do-it-youself customers

These are all the headlines from this morning's Yahoo opening page. It was amazing to be out of touch with the news for a week, not so much during the week because honestly, we didn't miss having radio or television, staying busy instead with MCC work, camp chores, and experiencing nature. It wasn't until the ride home when we turned on the radio in the Suburban that we all looked at each other incredulously as we listened to the news - news that consisted of the same headline topics as Yahoo posted today. Scary and eerie news that should not be taken for granted and expected to be fixed by the government or even to iron itself out.
So, are you ready? How prepared are you to live simply? What does that mean for you? How much can you comfortably, or uncomfortably, cut out of your life? How will you react when you go to the store and the shelves are less full, or offer fewer choices? What does survival mean to you?
Heavy thoughts for so early in the morning, but I couldn't help but express my concerns and wonder how everyone else out there is mentally, and physically, dealing with what seems to be lurking around the corner...

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