Sunday, July 20, 2008

Happy Shower!

Erin's packages arrived just in time for her bridal shower in California yesterday. Getting married and having families on opposite sides of the country can present a challenge when it comes to something like this, but our family has had some practice in absentee showers and parties over the years - children, nieces, and nephews living far away still have celebrations of which we like to be part. So, in June, we gathered here at our house with unwrapped gifts, piles of wrapping paper, and a table of party food and spent a lovely afternoon viewing presents and then wrapping them. We ended up with three cartons which were mailed out on July 7th, it seemed like plenty of time for them to travel to California for Erin's shower on July 19th. When I got home from the island on Wednesday, I checked the USPS web site to track the packages and was dismayed to see only that they had been "accepted" on July 7th! No other information! I kept checking online, made a trip to the local post office for more information, and then resigned myself to the fact that I'd done all I could, and the packages would either make it or not - because I leave for the island again on Monday, I wouldn't have any other chance to check on their location. Last night Bryan called to let me know that the packages finally arrived - at the end of the shower! Erin had opened all her gifts, and everyone was visiting and relaxing when the mailman arrived with three packages. Erin signed for them, and the party started all over again! The "Maine" gifts made quite a presentation all the way around! We're all happy that we could be part of Erin's big day in California yesterday!

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