Sunday, July 20, 2008

Logan Bread

I made this Logan bread from a recipe online - the photo is from the same web site - to take with me to the island. I have been buying granola bars, oatmeal packets, and granola cereal but decided to try and minimize my baggage this trip by consolidating breakfasts and snacks into this one hearty item. I used dried cranberries and chopped up dried apricots, along with some sunflower seeds. It tastes delicious! I have a couple packets of oatmeal and a little bit of granola cereal left from last week, I'll take them along for variety.

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earlylite said...

You're not going to believe this, but I am also a fiddler. Well, technically I was a fiddler, but I haven't played for a few years because I burned out a little on music. I'm sure I'll play again some day when I get bored with backpacking. I was into old-time, irish and scottish fiddling. I'm glad you're enjoying the logan bread. It really is a superfood.