Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Fieldy Meadow

This meadow is beside the forest where we camped on Marshall Island. The first couple of days we camped up on the hill at the abandoned air strip, but them moved down to this area where the tents would be more protected from the hot sun. The last few days were foggy and damp with some rain, so the forest also protected us from driving wetness. The meadow is full of grasses and thistles and bayberry, with beach pea near the rocky sea wall and scattered spruce trees here and there.
This morning, on Pine Needle Alley, I hear robins and blue jays and airplanes... different from the warblers and thrushes and crashing waves of the last week. And this morning, I will have at least two cups of coffee rather than the one I've had each day on the island. The hot shower felt good when I got home last night, and it's nice to be washing the smelly laundry. Primitive living is fun and I'm so happy to be having this MCC experience, but I have to admit, the comforts of home are pretty comfortable!

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Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear more about your adventure! Glad you made it back safely.