Monday, July 07, 2008

Similar, Yet Different

It amazes me sometimes how similar we are, as humans, to one another and that similarity can actually be the cause of discourse! Maybe it's just that I have a hard time accepting my faults and prefer to see them in someone else :) Like these flowers, both yellow centered with white petals, both growing in the wild, both sturdy and beautiful - different sizes, different leaves, other subtle differences. Kind of like humans! I can't decide which one I'm more like today, the smaller flowers with delicate fringy petals grouped on one stem or the taller solitary flower that stands on its own stalk... maybe it doesn't really matter, maybe it's okay to just be a flower today!
I shared my Nature Journal briefly with my friend Robin this past week, and at her request I dropped it off for her to read and review while I'm away. When I dropped it off, she informed me that she had started her own journal and that her granddaughter also wanted one. I can not describe how happy it made me to have passed on this experience to others!
No new posts will be made for the ten days that I'm away, but you can be assured I'll continue to sketch and journal my activities on the island, and that I'll share a few highlights when I get back! And if anyone else out there is inclined to do so, jot down some thoughts and sketches to share with me!

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