Sunday, March 05, 2006

Boot Shuffle

Wow. It's really hitting me that we're on our way toward buying a house! And with that realization comes a flurry of other thoughts... moving, cleaning, painting, gardening... the list goes on and each thought becomes more detailed!
We've been planning on painting our kitchen at Murray Street for a few weeks now, and finally we decided on the colors and we purchased paint. R has been preparing the walls and ceiling, and today we'll start actually painting. It will be good for me to have this type of activity to occupy my while my mind wanders and dreams about shuffling our boots and belongings from Murray Street
to Pine Needle Alley. The photo shown is Pine Needle Alley looking north from our driveway.
This coming week will put things in perspective beyond our dreamy ideas. The building inspection, discussion of our finances and the new mortgage, and getting our 2005 paperwork to the accountant are all necessary pieces of getting us from here to there.
It feels good to know where 'there' is finally. We've been looking at land, discussing our life goals, identifying priorities... all in preparation for knowing where we'd 'be'. This house and property brings all our previous conversations into focus, and helps us firmly know that this is the direction we want to be going.
Boot Shuffle is from the Portland Collection, and was written after a weekend hosting La Bottine Souriante which translates to 'Smiling Boot'. La Bottine is a Quebecois band that I like quite a lot.

I like the idea of wearing smiling boots as we've been walking the land in North Wayne!

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